Tried and True: Dermaplaning


There are few things I love more than new beauty trends, so you can bet your bronzer that I was all over dermaplaning mere minutes after I heard about. A delicate razor that removes dead skin and peach fuzz for a more even complexion, easier makeup application, and better product penetration? I’ll take seven, please and thanks.

When I actually received my dermaplaning tool from Stacked Skincare, however, I was a little less intrepid. It was sleek and sterile-looking, which both instilled confidence in its efficacy and reminded me, not altogether pleasantly, of the scalpel I once used to dissect a frog in high school biology. But I was committed, and I certainly didn’t spend all that money on Caudalie skincare (more on that here) just to have its penetration be subpar.

I washed my face per the instructions on the box, patted it dry and sat down in front of my magnifying mirror. Holding my skin taut with one hand, I slid the blade down my cheekbones in short strokes. It didn’t hurt at all, and the skin that had been passed over was baby-smooth. In fact, the only downside was realizing just how hairy my face was, and I felt compelled to pore over previous selfies to see if I had not, as I now feared, looked a bit like a chimpanzee.

On and on I went, covering the surface of my cheeks, jaw and forehead and marveling at my skin’s smoothness and the sheer volume of fine hair and dead skin on my face. Things were going just great—until I decided to break the rules. The box had clearly said not to use the tool on the nose, but as a perma-victim of dry patches and blackheads on that particular part of my face, I thought I’d give it a try.

It was not wise; I suffered something a little more significant than a nick on the bridge of my nose, quickly ruining the effect of the rest of my newly luminous skin. Fortunately, it cleared up quickly with the help of some Neosporin, and I was fully at liberty to enjoy my soft, supple skin. It really seemed that my beauty products penetrated more deeply, and my makeup glided on so easily that I had to switch from my usual liquid foundation because it was sort of sliding around my face with nothing to cling to.

As for (I presume) the greatest fear about using the tool? That middle school myth, that when one shaves the hair comes back thicker and darker, did not apply. In fact, I barely noticed my vellus hair growing back in, save for the occasional brush of stubble (and which I was quick to take the tool to).

In short, I’d recommend the Stacked Skincare dermaplaning tool to just about anyone. (My only concern would be that an older woman with loose skin might be more prone to nicking herself if unable to pull skin completely taut.) It’s a little strange to effectively shave your entire face, but the effects are more than worth it. In fact, I’ve started looking forward to my little sessions in front of the mirror—and I’m saving some serious money on product.


Stacked Skincare Dermaplaning Tool, $75,

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