While Savvy has fond memories of her first 10-speed (a green Schwinn), she hasn’t really been much of a bike rider since trading in two wheels for four. That changed this past summer. After doing a 60-mile ride with her 84-year-old dad (Savvy figured if he could do it…), she’s now discovering just how much fun biking can be (sorry, gals, spinning class isn’t the same as really getting out there). Think you can’t be converted? Walk into Twenty20 Cycling and find out what you’ve been missing. They have bikes for literally everyone: Mountain, hybrid, city, cyclocross, road. Don’t know what all those are? Savvy didn’t either, but suffice it to say, whether you just want to ride around the block with your kids, take your bike to work or get serious and race, Twenty20 Cycling has what you are looking for. They are a concept shop for bikemaker Specialized and carry Blue Competition Cycles, Niner, Look and Spooky as well. They are also well stocked with helmets, gloves, racks, locks, bikewear and all assorted bike gizmos you could ever need. Of course, they also service, maintain, repair and fit bikes— whether you purchased them there or not. While you won’t catch Savvy slurping nutrition goo or training for a tri anytime soon, thanks to Twenty20 Cycling, she is now proudly back in the saddle. Don’t miss: The First Friday clinics and 9a shop rides on Sundays. Plus how can you not love a store that even has its own custom blend of Zeke’s coffee? 725 W. 36th St., 443-759-5620

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