Savvy, my name is Jenny and, I’ll admit it, I’m “shopping challenged.” I have no clue if a trend is worth buying, never know what looks good on me, can’t figure out what I need to complement what I do have or even what goes with what in my closet. Help!
Jenny, Sav is here to help. You’ve already taken a brave first step to solving your fashion crisis: admitting you need professional help. Now it’s time to take the next step: Pick up the phone and call Mary Ellen Brown of The Witch and Wardrobe (410-207-6005). This fashionista powerhouse has spent years helping women look fabulous and she can do the same for you. First, Mary Ellen will go through your closet with you to figure out what stays and what goes. Next, she’ll make a list of what you need and then take you shopping to find the absolutely perfect pieces to fill in the blanks. Finally, she’ll help you pull it all together so you never, ever dread getting dressed again. Amen.

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