The only thing Savvy loves more than a great hotel? A great airplane. Imagine her joy and delight when she recently found herself flying United’s new P.S. Premium Service from New York’s JFK airport to LAX in Los Angeles. Savvy has certainly seen it all— private jets, the first-class cabin of every major domestic airline, even the Concorde back in the day— but the new P.S. service is simply unsurpassed.

United has completely reconfigured a 737 with just 110 exceptional seats. Every one of the 72 spots in coach are all economy-plus, offering lots of legroom. Even better? Each seat on the plane comes with a power jack to plug in your laptop or other diversions. And P.S. planes have JetConnect Internet access so you can surf the Web while you surf the skies. A knowing United agent steered Savvy to the best-bet-for-your-buck business class. How right she was. Business class offers 26 incredibly spacious leather seats with so much leg room you could sit next to Shaquille O’Neal and still have room for carry-ons. The seats have flexible headrests, extended footrests and individual reading lights on swing arms. Feel like watching a movie? Your flight attendant has a personal DVD player for you and a selection of fabulous films, all enjoyed with Bose noise reduction headsets. Thirsty? She’s right there with a special champagne cocktail and gourmet chocolates to nibble on. Sure, the 12 seats in first class offer the only flatbeds between coasts, but it’s nowhere near as spacious or as special. And did Savvy mention it took her 10 minutes to go from the cab to the cabin?

P.S. flyers have their own security check-in (and have use of the United Club). While Savvy sobs at the thought of ever flying anything else, Premium Service is currently offered only between New York, L.A. and San Francisco. www.unitedps.com

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