On a Roll An ancient tool gets new life in the beauty world.


If you’re like me, the word “jade” instantly brings to mind a feeling of luxury, giving way to visions of ill-defined but nonetheless exotic lands. It does not, however, evoke an image of a small beauty tool one can order for $14 on Amazon. But hey, as is probably clear by now, I’ll try anything once.

HOW IT WORKS: According to the product descriptions on a number of rollers I checked out, jade has been used throughout Chinese history to cool skin, reduce excess fluid in the face and body and refresh one’s chi (a life force, or “vital energy,” within the Eastern tradition). The painting roller-like tool is about the size of my hand, with a larger, ovular jade stone on one end and a small, circular stone on the other for use on smaller or more delicate areas of the face.

THE PROCESS: The roller I ordered came with specific instructions on the rolling pattern to follow, covering each plane of the face as well as jawline and under eyes. As I rolled, however, I found myself simply focusing on the places where it felt best, moving horizontally, vertically and diagonally. The instructions also advocated using serum before and after rolling for maximum absorption, so I paired the jade with a Korean vitamin C elixir I’d gotten recently (also from Amazon, as their beauty section is so on point).

THE VERDICT: Jade rolling feels good. The stones on the tool are incredibly cooling and do seem to decompress the face. My skin felt immediately calmer, if that makes sense; whether from the reduction of excess fluid or balancing of my chi, I couldn’t say.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Get yourself a jade roller. It feels spa-fancy, and $14 is a small price to pay for a little me-time!

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