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Kimberly Uslin

5 Questions with Dan Fesperman

Former Baltimore Sun journalist Dan Fesperman is the author of 11 spy and crime novels bursting with real-life international inspiration. His latest, “Safe Houses,” was released this past July. Q: Tell us about your time with The Sun. A: I started at The Evening Sun in 1984, then moved to …

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Men and Suicide

It doesn’t add up: According to the National Center for Health Statistics, American men are about half as likely as women to be diagnosed with depression, but according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, they are three times more likely to commit suicide. Despite these conflicting statistics, scientists say …

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Strong Sides To Watch the NFL Or Not?

There’s no denying it: The past year has been a weird one for America. Unlike the media maelstrom of 2016, politics weren’t the only topic on the table. The news cycle instead obsessed over something that doesn’t always make the front page: football. Technically speaking, the drama began two years …

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