Hear Me Out Can the power of sound change the body? One writer’s all ears.


I was browsing a list of Baltimore-based Meetup groups when I saw something…surprising. Nestled amid book clubs and bar crawls was a “Sound Healing” group, meeting weekly for meditation and “sound baths.” As a lover (if not necessarily a believer) of all things holistic health, I knew I had to try it—and ne Google search later, I’d found my healer: Towson-based Sherri Lehr, a delightful woman who looked more like a favorite aunt than an expert in shamanism and sacred geometry.

HOW IT WORKS: According to Lehr, sound healing uses vibrations to “reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace and well-being.” She explained that the vibrations caused by various instruments work at a cellular level to increase and activate the space between cells, clearing blockages—both spiritual and physical—and promoting pain relief, personal clarity and chakra alignment.

To prepare for the session, Lehr asked me a few questions about my mental and spiritual health before having me lie face-up on her table. I closed my eyes as she played a series of different-sized tuning forks over various parts of my body—the sites, she explained, of different chakras and energy centers—as well as singing and crystal bowls. She finished our appointment with a brief reiki session, moving energy from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. (I honestly had no sense of time as she worked, but I estimate the healing lasted about 45 minutes or so).

WHAT I LOVED: The experience was loud but pleasant, and I definitely felt myself falling into an ultra-relaxed, almost meditative state as the instruments rang around me. The reiki, especially, resonated: I truly could feel energy moving down my body, evidenced by twitching in my calves and feet. It’s also worth noting that Sherri knows her stuff. We talked for nearly 45 minutes after we’d finished about all types of holistic healing, and I left the appointment eager to dive into further research.

WHAT I DIDN’T: As I mentioned before, I’m an enthusiast, but a bit of a skeptic, too. Many articles I read post-appointment said that there was a lack of scientific support for sound healing’s claims, but that the sense of relaxation it promoted was certainly a positive. And while I can’t say for sure whether my chakras became aligned or my aura cleansed, I’m open to the possibility that they were.

FINAL VERDICT: When it comes to holistic healing, the power of sound cuts through some of the noise.

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