Fashion Friday: Our Time of the Month Meet the two friends behind the popular Baltimore lifestyle blog.

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Caitlin Mullett and Danielle Geffel, two Baltimore-based women with a love for all things beauty, booze, food and fashion, started their blog on a cocktail-induced whim in the winter of 2016.

“It’s actually a really funny story. We finished a month-long yoga membership and decided to celebrate by getting a drink at a place across the street. Well, we had a couple cocktails and were talking about how we each had blogs at one point, but it didn’t really work out. Then we thought, why don’t we do it together? We bought the domain name right there, in Of Love and Regret,” explained Geffel.

The name? Our Time of the Month.

Mullett and Geffel post about a variety of topics, ranging from makeup must-haves to fashion favorites to uncensored reviews on their YouTube channel. Some posts include discussions about periods and waxes (as the name may suggest), which Geffel says “may be considered taboo, but it’s reality!”

“We talk about the things that we like, and the things that we don’t. We really just want to give our readers a place where they can find like-minded people,” she explains.

Mullett agrees. “It’s such a good feeling to share something you love with other people.”

With any new project (no matter how fun) comes some struggle, though. Public speaking and social anxiety were concerns for Geffel, who had some worries about connecting with viewers. Despite her online presence, she self-identifies as an introvert, and was originally nervous about being on camera.

“You would never guess that when I tell you that I put myself on the internet,” she laughs.

For Mullett, organization and time-management posed the biggest roadblocks. Both Mullett and Geffel have full-time jobs and an active social life, which makes it difficult to schedule time to create posts. Mullett tries to stick to a schedule to make sure that she’s dedicating enough time to the blog.

“Making the time to create new content is sometimes difficult,” she explains. “Sometimes you just want to come home and not do anything.”

Despite their setbacks, entrepreneurial-minded Mullett and Geffel both dream to one day transform their blog and YouTube channel into a full-time gig. Interacting and sharing with other women, locally and across the internet, has been a priceless benefit for both.

“It really is us acting like fools sometimes!” says Mullett. “We genuinely enjoying being with each other, and I think you can tell that through our chemistry together.”

Check out Our Time of the Month here, or on YouTube.

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