Editor’s Notes: Talking Turkey


NOVEMBER IS MY FAVORITE month, in part, because it holds my birthday! (I am a classic Sagittarius, I’m told.) But also because Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year. Nothing tops that night in the dining room—over-stuffed with family and friends, sitting on mismatched chairs—as we swap stories, share memories, toast those who came before us and pass dishes infused with even more love than butter.

The food itself doesn’t matter so much to me. It is the traditions, the pride, the care people put into making it. How Mom still makes me my own stuffing (sans celery) because I’m “The Baby.” (Now, she actually makes it gluten-free, too.)

Over the last two years, some of you have noticed this temporarily chubby party girl has gotten skinny again. It has been a great journey, which I decided to bookend in “Food for Thought” about the psychology of weight loss. It includes some Jedi-worthy mind tricks from Nick Frye—the behavioral guru at Medifast—who helped me to overcome an occasional case of the “f*ck-its” (no, that’s not a province in Thailand). I also interviewed sweet Richele Henry (aka “The Sugar Mama”), my former health coach, who encouraged me to practice “juicy self-care”—I still can’t say that out loud without blushing—and “develop loving boundaries with peanut butter.”

I can already hear food editor Martha Thomas’s charming laugh as she reads that last line. Bless you, Martha, for putting together a fantastic food issue so that I could go on vacation! (It was worth it, I swear.) I loved reading “La Vida Locavore” about what it really means to eat local. According to Alewife chef—and this month’s cover model—Chad Wells, that includes serving up FRANKENFISH!

I was also delighted to see some good folks following their dream, as nonprofit consultants Steven and Linda Rivelis have purchased the Brass Elephant, where they celebrated their wedding 30 years ago. Can’t wait for my first meal there. “Game on,” I say to editorial director Joshua Runyan (i.e., my new-ish boss), who also assigned some features, including a fun piece written by senior editor Betsy Boyd about “Ladies Who Watch”. We mean football, natch. Ditto for “Governing Purple in a Blue State” about the new world order in Maryland since Gov. Hogan took office. It brought back fond memories of doing Election Night shots at The Ropewalk next to a bust of Ronald Reagan. (Love those McFauls, but they have yet to turn me into a Republican.)

I hope you and your families have an amazing Turkey Day. By 11:59 p.m., mine will be cursing bad drivers in the parking lot of the Philadelphia Premium Outlets as we embark on our freezing-cold Black Friday shopping marathon.

Jessica Bizik
[email protected]

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