Coneheads: B’More Licks The new Patterson Park shop is a dairy-lover's dream.


Strolling along Patterson Park, Bmore Licks is hard to miss: The side of the building is painted with a huge, vintage-style mural of three ice cream treats. But whether you stop by the walk-up window or enter the small industrial-style interior, what’ll really catch your eye is the sprawling menu.

There are 23 snowball, 100 soft serve, and 30 hard ice cream flavors…as well as sundaes, flurries, Italian ices, root beer floats, milkshakes, and more. In all honesty, it’s a little overwhelming–it’s clear this place takes the “more” in their name seriously.

For the real Bmore Licks experience, though, you can’t go wrong with one of their signature offerings: ice cream tacos, comprising hard ice cream inside a waffle taco shell that’s topped off with candy, hot fudge, and whipped cream; ice cream nachos, which are similar, but served with waffle chips instead of a shell; and coffee in a cone, a chocolate-dipped waffle cone filled with either coffee or espresso.

Where Bmore Licks likes to keep it simple is in the ingredients themselves. The snowballs, for example, are made with real sugar, and the ice cream, whipped cream and Italian ice are all homemade. Even the cherry on top of the sundae is fresh (pit and all) when in season.

When I stopped in, I knew I had to try the ice cream nachos. For the scoops, I chose Maryland Mud: a chocolate and caramel base, loaded with marshmallow swirl, cookie crumble from an ice cream cake, and white chocolate-coated Utz potato chips (yes, you read that right). For the second, I went with Purple Cow, black raspberry with white and dark chocolate. When the cashier asked if I wanted a third, I thought that he was joking–surely there’s some merit to the classic “too much of a good thing” adage.

But when the final product was placed in front of me, it was surprisingly modest, even with the free sprinkles and my topping of choice (toasted coconut). Every bite was predictably delicious and crammed with flavor, fruity and chocolatey, and — thanks to the potato chips — salty and sweet. I wasn’t as overwhelmed as I anticipated, though; in fact, I thought I might be able to spring for their Maple Walnut or Cuban Coffee Oreo as a third flavor in the future.

All in all, Bmore Licks is a decadent delight, but be warned: Their lines are almost always out the door.

Bmore Licks is open 12-9 every day at 2437 Eastern Ave, Baltimore.

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