Casual But Elegant Home for History

Photo by Jamie Sentz (Jamie D. Photography)

Steps away from Lake Roland, this elegant 1927 Georgian-style country home pays homage to history, architecture and comfortable living. The 4.3-acre property itself commands a graceful view of its surroundings, with sightlines that extend toward Lake Roland in the distance.

Bookshelves flank a cozy window seat. | Photo by Stylish Productions (Robert Radifera & Charlotte Safavi)

Katherine Crosby, associate and interior designer at Jenkins Baer Associates, describes her collaboration with the homeowners to create casual but elegant living spaces. A small alcove off the living room serves as an intimate setting for the family’s backgammon game table. Windows bearing a diamond trellis design allow natural light to warm up the space. A cozy window seat beckons you to curl up and get lost in your favorite novel. Bookshelves flanking the window seat offer space for art displays, while an original stone fireplace adds a depth of character to the room.

In the living room, Crosby helped the homeowners select the paint palette and curate the works in the art collection sourced from Renaissance Fine Arts. The room itself embodies the word living in every sense. “We did bench seats here in a highly durable velvet. The family has two big black Labradors, and it’s a dog-friendly house,” Crosby says. “The palette we selected anchors the space, which is long and has two deep-blue sofas facing each other, and creates a center point for the room.”

Textures and patterns punctuate the dining room. | Photo by Stylish Productions (Robert Radifera & Charlotte Safavi)

Stepping into the breakfast room, which was previously a sunroom, guests witness light streaming through the doors in the room. Crosby sourced the elegant lighting pendant suspended over the table from Jones Lighting Specialists in Towson. A ceramic wood floor adds durability and interest. To soften the look of the space, Crosby used wool sheer draperies on the doors that occupy three walls of the room.

Punctuated by doorways and windows, the dining room offers an elegant area for entertaining. A patterned wallpaper adds texture to the walls of the room, which Crosby says also functions
as a pass-through space in the home’s floorplan. The room features two French doors that open up onto the yard and its attractive koi pond.

The country-style circular staircase unwinds into a second-floor landing where the addition of a settee creates a cozy sitting nook. Instead of placing artwork in the space, Crosby chose to use a lovely Phillip Jeffries wallpaper that creates movement on the wall. Wall sconces installed in the space were moved here from the first floor of the home.

The master bedroom was designed to convey comfort from every corner. Artwork by Monkton-based landscape artist Mary Swann graces the wall above the king bed. Crosby designed the millwork that surrounds the bed integrating narrow, custom-created night tables that accommodate the positioning of the bed within the space.

Artwork enlivens the master bedroom. | Photo by Stylish Productions (Robert Radifera & Charlotte Safavi)

“Working within the parameters of the existing architecture created unique challenges,” Crosby says. “The master bedroom was particularly fun because we used an existing footprint to create an elegant space.”

The interior design makes this home truly one for the ages.

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