Saturday, June 10, 2023

Arts & Culture

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Pop-Up Art

On a late summer night this year, several working Baltimore artists came together to design—of all things —a user-friendly North Avenue department store stocked...

Weekend Plans, What to Do Jan. 23-26

From cocktail tours to comic book workshops, lots of fun is on the calendar. Here is Baltimore Style’s lineup of great weekend plans around...

The Time Is Now

Poet Erica Dawson is aware of how her chosen form is viewed in the world at large. “When a writer mentions they have written a...

New Jersey State of Mind

I experienced a lot of emotions during last night’s opening-night production of "Jersey Boys" at the Hippodrome—laughter, tears, some sort of indescribable hometown pride...

Work of Art

In all ways, Julie Yensho’s home is the ultimate portfolio, a culminating project of the work she has done up until this point. That...

‘Sweat’ Captures the Moment

My election night was better than yours — regardless of your political party. My 16-year-old son and I did the most patriotic and appropriate...

Group Dynamics

zoe charlton In “Dreamers and Builders,” two nude men struggle under a tower of North American trees, suburban houses, clouds and a little red barn....

RIP Gene Wilder

It was my phone, of course, that first notified me today of Gene Wilder's death. As a lover of many of his films (and...

‘Aladdin’s’ Whole New World

The Broadway national tour of Disney's “Aladdin” is making its way through cities across the country bringing a whole new world to the Hippodrome...

Reality Check

Goucher professor Kathy Flann’s second collection of stories, “Get a Grip”—released last month through Texas Review Press—recalls the hilariously hyperbolic energy of an early...