Week Two

Photo courtesy by the Maryland State Archives.


Since the first trial in the Freddie Gray case began last week, we have heard from Dr. Carol Allan—and a second medical expert, Dr. Morris Marc Soriano—that despite the five officers’ intention, this case is a homicide. Both doctors are remaining firm in their findings. A little stir was made when one of the black female jurors was replaced Monday—due to a medical emergency—by a white man. At this point we have yet to hear from Officer William G. Porter, one of the six police involved in that fateful April morning tragedy; he’s scheduled to testify later this month. As the trial moves into its second week, we asked members of our community for reactions. We’ve also kept our eye on social media to monitor how the city is reacting in real time. Let’s keep this conversation going—comment and tell us what you’re thinking below.


Kyle Wilson a.k.a. Kotic Couture, a local musician based in the city says:

“This process has taken a very long time. I know how the justice system works, but when you’re living in this city and watching people frequently relive pain—enough is enough. It seems like many outlets are making it more about how the officers feel and the people testifying against them more than they care about the justice for Freddie. I’m nervous for the outcome, but ready for the possibility that the right thing will happen.”


Obella Obbo, a master’s student at Loyola University Maryland in the clinical thesis program says:

“There’s a lot riding on the outcome of this trial. People can’t take much more of feeling like second class citizens. I don’t think it’s healthy to put too much emotion into the situation until there’s an outcome. I’ve been conditioned by my environment and history to not get too hopeful about things working out justly, even though that conflicts with my nature for hoping for the best. So I’m remaining neutral. The only outcome I’m putting my energy into is a peaceful one.”


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