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Welcome back, pom-poms.

Possibly not as flamboyant as the flapper trend of the ‘20s or as chic as the boho dress style of the ‘60s, the pom-pom craze is once again circling its way through the fabulous fashion world. These little material tufts are hitting the markets, well, as hard as they can.

“I saw them in trade shows in February,” says Lesley Jennings, co-owner of Hampden’s Doubledutch Boutique. Her store features the fashion fad in various sized earrings. Neighbor Goods, the store located directly above Doubledutch, also sells colorful pom-pom jewelry.

However, this pom-pom trend is versatile and can be rocked on other items—high heels, clutches and, of course, clothes.

“[Pom-poms are] a great way to add a pop of color,” Jennings says. “You can see them on moms on a cover-up over a bathing suit or on teens with denim shorts. We also have T-shirt dresses with fringe ties that can range from high school to 40s and 50s,” Sayler says.

Quiet Storm Surf Shop in The Shops at Kenilworth carries threads that are a counterpart to pom-poms. “It’s more of, like, tassels,” Michelle Sayler says of the store’s clothes, adding that several of their dresses also feature fringe.

What better way to signal the coming of the warm summer months than with a fun texture and a little fuzzy flair in your wardrobe?

Rock a casual pair of pom-pom trimmed embroidered shorts for a summer cookout or pair them with an off-the-shoulder top and a chunky necklace for a more elegant look. Either way, we cannot deny our love for the fluffy and funky trend.

So, how long before we have to say goodbye to these beloved fluff balls?

“[The trend] will probably last until the end of summer,” Jennings says. Fittingly, this vibrant fashion fad pairs with the bright colors of summer. But one can expect a resurgence of pom-poms when next spring and summer roll around.

As for what to expect in the terms of the next fashion craze, Jennings says, embroidered clothing is gaining in popularity. Just in time for fall!

So no matter what your closet looks like currently, prep yourself for summer and stay in the fashion-know with these current pom-pom favorites.


Pom-Pom vs. Pompon?
Almost as easily debatable, but not quite as well known as the famous white-and-gold or blue-and-black dress controversy of two years ago, is the debacle between pom-poms and pompons.

So, is this small ball of wool named pom-pom? Or have you been living a lie?

Don’t panic—these precious poms can be referred to with either name. In fact, the word “pom-pom” came about as a mistake of the original French word for the ball, “pompon.” Today, however, both words are used interchangeably as neither one is right nor wrong.



Lush Off-the-Shoulder Blouse (($21.97, Nordstrom Rack)
Eyelet top with tassel trim ($78, J. Crew)
Top With Pompom Detail ($35.90, Zara)
Pommed Tee ($48, Anthropologie)
Diamond Pommed Blouse ($118, Anthropologie)
Pom Pom Cascade Tank ($49.50, Banana Republic)

Beauty in the Details Navy Blue Print Shorts ($34, Lulus)
Surf Gypsy Pom Trim Short ($19.97, Nordstrom Rack)
Christopher Shannon Elastic waist pompom detail shorts ($112, Farfetch)
Piura Pommed Shorts ($188, Anthropologie)

Suede Pom-Pom Sandals ($79.99, J. Crew)
Misha Pom-Pom Ankle Strap Sandal ($169, BCBG)
Steve Madden Grey Emily Flats ($59.98, Steve Madden)
Sam Edelman Lisabeth Embellished Lace Up Gladiator Sandals ($77, Bloomingdales)

Rio Pom Pom Clutch ($48, Anthropologie)
Shiraleah Pom Pom Straw Clutch Bag ($38, South Moon Under)
Marrakech Pom Pom Straw Tote ($158, Anthropologie)
Straw Studios Paper Straw Stripe Tote ($39.97, Nordstrom Rack)


Quiet Storm Surf Shop
The Shops at Kenilworth
800 Kenilworth Drive
Towson, MD

Doubledutch Boutique
1021 West 36th St.
Baltimore, Maryland

Neighbor Goods
1017 W 36th St.
Baltimore, MD

Image courtesy of ban.do’s Instagram
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