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Feel like pizza? You're in luck. One of the 43 Giving Tuesday deals is for UNO!
Feel like pizza? You’re in luck. One of the 43 Giving Tuesday deals is for UNO!

Baltimore native Justin Kersey is combining two things he believes Baltimore does best: charities and food. “There’s a lot of good that comes out of Baltimore that doesn’t get recognized,” says Kersey. Cue Baltimore Eats for Good. Launched this past July, Eats is an online deal book, like Living Social or Groupon—but with a charitable twist. Run by a team of three, this philanthropic organization helps nonprofits and good causes fundraise by connecting them directly with people like us.

How it works: After you go to and scan through the various charities’ campaign pages, you make a donation of $1 or more, then just like that, $400 worth of deals to area restaurants and merchants like Joe Squared, Ware House 518 and Relay Foods arrive in your inbox. Since its launch, the startup has partnered with more than 60 restaurants and charities and rolled out a brand new website. Now bloggers and media outlets can donate their services to help increase exposure for the various causes.

Proof is in the pudding. Using Eats for Good raises 250 percent more on average for campaigns than other fundraising sites. There’s currently a special page dedicated to Giving Tuesday, where donors (that would be us) can give to over 10 participating groups and receive at least 40 deals on meals. With a big start like that, it’s no wonder Kersey hopes this site will become the destination for fundraising and deal earning.

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