Can we talk about the word panties for a minute? Definition: “Diminutive of pants; legless underpants worn by women and girls.” It’s kind of a cloying, old-fashioned word, no? And in our view, the same thing that’s too cutesy and quaint about the name of this undergarment is also what’s wrong with the bulk of the stock we find in many a store. Panties are often either too polka-dotted or decked in hearts to be considered sexy, or too utilitarian (think granny panties) to be appealing or easily wearable beneath a pencil skirt or jeans. Looking for a truly sexy Valentine panty that’s the right mix of feminine attitude and nicely tailored fit? Enter The Bottom Drawer in Hampden—like we did—and land yourself some seriously cute (but not cutesy) keepers for a date night not soon to be forgotten. This racy, lacy red pair that hints at the tradition of burlesque is the perfect surprise. Be Wicked!: $15 at The Bottom Drawer, 1001 W. 36th St.,

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