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Strolling down the streets of Guilford to Sherwood Gardens, I often admire the extravagant houses in the area, dreaming of what could be inside. In a city whose people and places are so rich in culture, I can’t help but to be curious, imagining myself as the owner of a grand estate and longing to know what goes on behind the doors.

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way—and now, Everything But The House (EBTH), a revolutionary online marketplace for estate sales, is here to help demystify these Baltimore homes. The company will celebrate its Charm City launch on September 13 at Ashton Newhall’s private home.

“We are currently in 27 cities around the country including Austin, Chicago, St. Louis, Nashville, and Los Angeles,” says Mandana Dayani, Chief Brand Officer of EBTH. “As a major metropolitan center, Baltimore, with its history, character and a great mix of people and industries, makes perfect sense as a place for us to uncover fantastic personal collections and help people transition.”

She tells me her favorite EBTH story about a seller named Fan Benno-Caris, a well-known psychic in Dallas. “In a moving tribute to her, Fan’s husband told us how she won the Texas state race-walking championship as a 70-year-old, was crowned Ms. Texas Senior America at age 87, and was a member of the Olympic torch relay,” Dayani explains. “We were honored to celebrate her story through her objects, which included exquisite jewelry, a Wurlitzer baby grand piano, an impressive fan collection – and all things pink! According to her husband, Fan had a pink soul!”

With the Baltimore launch, collectors from around the world can see the true beauty of Baltimore and uncover interesting stories about people just like Fan.

“Because of the diversity and uniqueness of our items, the shoppers who are drawn to them come from all over the world. They’re looking for anything from antiques, cars, rare coins and fantastic art,” Dayani says.

Founded by Jacquie Denny and Brian Graves in 2008, EBTH has revolutionized the way people participate in estate sales.

“We created this business with the simple notion of providing a transparent and seamless solution for families and individuals looking to sell their collections,” Dayani explains. “By providing a platform where buyers from over 100 countries can purchase their items, sellers are receiving on average 3-5 times the amount of revenue that they would with traditional alternatives.”

With EBTH, collectors now have an efficient platform to assist them in their search for one-of-a-kind items worldwide. Meanwhile, sellers don’t have to worry about all the work that goes into an estate sale. EBTH photographs, catalogs and uploads items to their website and takes care of payment and delivery once the auction closes. “It’s an easy, profitable, one-stop-shop,” Dayani says.

And EBTH is not stopping there: The company recently launched a new app available for their customers. “It provides an improved browsing, bidding and notification experience for discovery,” Dayani states.

We can’t wait to see what Baltimore brings to the table.

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