Borrow Baby Couture


While she doesn’t have any little tykes of her own (at least not of the two-legged variety), Savvy does appreciate stylish toddlers whenever she sees them. Just the other day she was bowled over by a darling black-and-white gingham check frock with pink tulle peeking out from the hem. Could the little girl’s mother have gotten it from Borrow Baby Couture?  Owners Heidi and Alex Lieske, who are based in Timonium,  have capitalized on the popularity of the luxury clothing rental phenomenon and scaled it down for the wee ones. If you can’t countenance the idea of spending gobs of money on a dress your child will grow out of in a trice, but you’re still attracted to Moschino, Fendi, Robert Cavalli and the like, you can rent something for a fraction of the price online at Borrow Baby Couture. That cherry print dress by Jottum goes for only $10.95 a week, long enough for your chica to look adorable in a party photo that, one day, will cause her to look back and say, “Wow, I had style!” Online only.

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