Working Out While Working from Home

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By Jeremy Smoot, CPT, GPTS

During the past year, many of us have pivoted from going to the office to working from home. Instead of leaving for appointments or getting some movement while we’re mingling with co-workers, we sit at our computers nonstop for virtual meetings and other tasks. Research indicates that sitting for long periods of time causes increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, abnormal cholesterol levels, blood clots and obesity.

To prevent these conditions and eye strain from constantly staring at our computer screens, get up and move throughout the day. In addition to planning all-important conference calls and Zoom sessions, make time in your schedule for moving.

Below and in the accompanying video are exercises for working out while working from home, moves you can do during your lunch hour or during five- to 10-minute breaks spread out every few hours. These exercises are designed as interval-timed workouts: activity (high intensity) followed by rest or recovery (low intensity).


Warming Up

A proper workout begins with a warmup, which prepares your body to generally loosen up as it increases blood flow to your muscles. A warmup also helps reduce muscle soreness and prevent the risk of injury.

Suggested Moves:

  • Bend and reach.
  • March in place.

Interval: 30 seconds of activity | 15 seconds of rest


Once you have warmed up, choose from among the following seven cardio exercises. Cardio offers many benefits, such as strengthening your heart, reducing the risk of diseases, improving lung capacity, boosting energy levels and supporting the immune system.

These exercises offer modified versions and variations; adjust the workout based on your current mood or energy level. Feel free to do all exercises in one day—if you have time—or spread them out over your work week.

Suggested Moves:

  • Jumping jacks.
  • Duck and punch.
  • Squat jumps.
  • Side-to-side Heisman.
  • Run in place.
  • Ice skater.
  • Forward hops.
  • Backward walk.
  • Calf jumps.

Interval: 30 seconds of activity | 15 seconds of rest

*For more intensity: 20 seconds of activity | 10 seconds of rest

Cooling Down

While your instinct may be to go from the workout immediately back to work, it’s important to cool down first. A cool-down allows gradual recovery of the pre-exercise heart rate and blood pressure, and it can give you good posture.

Suggested Moves:

  • Child pose.
  • Downward dog.

Interval: 45 seconds for each move (no rest needed in between)

In addition to doing these exercises on a regular basis, you want to stay hydrated. Keep a water bottle with you. Your fitness is essential, and you can work out anytime from anywhere, especially while working from home. Doing so will give you more energy and improve your physical and mental health.

Jeremy Smoot is a senior fitness training support manager with PF Growth Partners, LLC, which owns and operates Planet Fitness health clubs in Maryland, the District of Columbia, Tennessee, Florida and Washington. For more information, visit or follow @Planet Fitness on Facebook and Twitter.

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