Working Out At Home?


Self-isolating? Here are six exercises to keep you fit, focused and sane. 


Aerobic exercise gets your heart pumping; the trick is to stay at a reasonable intensity and not to let that heart rate spike up too high. When you think of cardio, think a brisk walk around the neighborhood or a quick jog up and down the stairs in your apartment or house.  You can also walk it out on the treadmill or do a light HIIT session indoors. The choice is yours.


Ok, so maybe you loathe running but still want to get your heart rate up. There is a solution. Dance it out. Whether your alone or hitting up a virtual Zumba class, you will still be moving and getting a fun form of cardio in. Try a dance exercise in the morning to gain a nice energy boost for the day.

Exercise Videos and TV Shows

If you have internet access, you have an entire collection of free online workouts, most of which require a small amount of space and your body weight. Youtube has videos for every exercise from strength training, pilates, kickboxing, etc.

Pro Tip: Many health and fitness companies are now offering their services for free. Peloton, Les Mills, Beach Body and Down Dog are all apps offering free subscriptions right now.  


Whether your warrior-posing it up or getting down with a grounded flow, remember that yoga is supposed to be slow-paced and relaxing. Not only are you getting in an excellent flexibility session, but you are also building strength and muscle. So make sure you pick something that is low-impact but also challenging and twist, stretch and soothe that body into a lean, mean, relaxed machine.


So, you’re probably thinking; meditation isnt necessarily a physical exercise. It’s mental. But, mental exercise still counts. Give your body some necessary rejuvenation. Take some deep, cleansing breaths and get your mind and body back in alignment.

Foam Rolling

Not only does it feel incredible, but foam rolling has been known to release the lymphatic fluid in your muscles, aiding in pulling unwanted toxins from the body, releasing tension in the tissues and promoting health and vitality of our fascia – those mini fibers responsible for making our muscles lean and toned. You should try to incorporate this into your routine at least once a week. 

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