Want Fries?

Co-owner Kevin Irish
Co-owner Kevin Irish

When Elizabeth and Kevin Irish traveled to Kevin’s home country of Ireland, they’d nosh on “taco fries.” The dish was simply chips slathered with seasoned ground beef—the perfect alcohol-absorbent snack before stumbling home after a night out. When they returned to the States, they couldn’t shake the memory of those fries.

“They were creamy inside, not like boardwalk fries,” says Elizabeth.

It began to dawn on them, she says, that “a lot of the stuff we like to eat and cook we can put on fries.” They started cooking potatoes, eventually settling on a fully peeled russet triple-cooked and fried in peanut oil, and then began to experiment with toppings: Buffalo chicken, kimchi pork belly, pulled pork and pineapple salsa, Greek salad and tzatziki.

Last winter, the couple opened The Local Fry on Cross Street—a fast casual BYOB that’s also family-friendly with plenty of booster seats and high chairs. Succumbing to the doubters, the Irishes recently added sandwiches like Vietnamese pulled pork and Korean ribeye, as well as rice bowls and salads, some with the same topping options as the festive fries. 21 E. Cross St., 410-244-1283, thelocalfry.com

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