Soul Food A new AVAM exhibition marks this month's Main Event.

A mouthwatering new exhibition at the American Visionary Art Museum offers a smorgasbord of food-based art, from the simply sumptuous to the sociopolitical.

Have your cake and explore your complex relationship with it, too! In celebration of its 21st birthday, the American Visionary Art Museum presents the “mega exhibition” Yummm! The History, Fantasy, and Future of Food. A 34-artist collaboration, the project includes input from various heavy hitters in the food universe—from farmers and food scientists to psychologists and poets, all working toward an artistic understanding of the world’s most pervasive vice. Their dynamic, delicious art spans all mediums: The pieces either feature food or are made of it (or both), exemplified by a life-size self-portrait of an artist as a gummy bear, a “10-foot motorized food mandala,” intricate paper plate cutouts and more. Social justice, too, takes a seat at the table: An unmissable installation by women inmates explores female heroism, while Craig Norton’s “We Gave You Corn, You Gave Us Smallpox” evokes the power and politicization of food in history. This exhibition is certainly one to sink your teeth into. Oct. 8–Sept. 3, 2017. Tickets: $16. 410-244-1900,

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