Savvy’s unmentionables drawer always seems to suffer from a bit of schizophrenia (much like Sav herself): Cotton from Victoria’s Secret co-mingles with Lejaby, sports bras jumble with silky barely-theres. While Savvy loves mixing high and low when throwing together her outfits, having an undies middle-ground between “now I’ll be spending my weekend handwashing” and “God forbid the paramedics see me in these” would be nice. That’s where Soma Intimates comes in. While just a stroll away from Victoria’s Secret, Soma feels worlds away in design and vibe. Leave Vicki to the 20-somethings who believe that, with enough padding and pushing, they can land their own Tom Brady. Soma has solutions and styles that are more in line with high-end brands. Their Vanishing Edge panties have a grippy seam to keep from riding up. Their Cool Days/Cool Nights fabric (found in dresses and sleepwear) will keep you from feeling like you’re having a hot flash (even if you are). There’s even workout wear with slimming panels for those who want to look like they’ve been hitting the gym for, well, longer than they’ve been hitting the gym. This is not to say that Soma is strictly utilitarian— their designs just happen to be as practical as they are pretty. Don’t miss: Their Skirt The Issue “skapri” (capri pants with a built-in skirt)— genius!  Towson Town Center, 410-828-0632

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