While finding one’s way to Cockeysville can be a bit challenging (does GPS even register anything north of Greenspring Valley?), finding Shamelessly Simple won’t be— just look for the bright turquoise building. What will you find inside? Eco-friendly pewter ice buckets (do you really want to chill your Chardonnay in anything leaving a carbon footprint?), tabletops by artsy-craftsy Joyce Shelton and eco-friendly paper goods. Savvy was most pleased to see the impossible-to-find, hand-poured travel candles from Seda France— Savvy may not arrive at her destination smelling fabulously (eau de United, anyone?) but the Crimson Amaryllis scent ensures everything in her carry-on doesn’t suffer the same fate. Don’t miss: The collapsible market totes. Made of light-weight tubing and colorful vinyl, they’re perfect for the farmers market or just for sitting cutely in the back seat, catching everything that’s floating around in the Range Rover. 10712 York Road, 410-891-8467

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