There are several things that make Savvy uncomfortable: Men who leave the bathroom door open, plates being scraped at the table (why, Ugg-wearing girl at Vino Rosina, why?!) and people over a certain age describing anything as “dope.” And that was exactly the predicament Savvy found herself in while shopping at PEDX. While she’s old enough to remember Insane Clown Posse before YouTube, she’s fairly sure she doesn’t totally get skate-meets-urban labels like Mishka and RockSmith. That said, she was intrigued by their modern takes on classics (heart the cool toggle jacket and the modern puffy vest). If your teen/significant-other-in-a-midlife crisis knows Actual Pain, Krink and Married to the Mob are brands and not bands, this is their dope hang. Word to your mother. Don’t miss: The collection of vintage team hats. 1715/1707 Aliceanna St., 410-276-0038

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