Party DressWhile the recession may be “very likely over” (Ben Bernanke’s words, not Savvy’s), there are plenty of girls who plan to remain firmly budget-conscious this season (and for many to come). Packed with inexpensive and fun finds, Party Dress (as in “life is a party, dress for it”— store owner Susan Singer’s words, not Savvy’s) stocks artsy and totally packable tops and cardis from Magic Scarf, unique pieces from the appropriately named Funky People, highly wearable dresses and wraps from Ya and the rather wondrous 12-way dress from Elan (one dress, a dozen ways, no kidding). Now if only they would invent 12-way Louboutins, Savvy would be able to stay on budget once and for all… Don’t miss: Their party dresses (as in “parties are parties, dress for them”) for under $100.  723 S. Broadway, 410-675-5105

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