The only thing sadder than summer fading into fall? Your tan fading right along with it. Yes, dears, a little color covers a multitude of sins, doesn’t it? And Savvy is simply convinced a touch of a tan makes her look about 10 pounds lighter. Her dermatologist would simply smack her if she ever went in the sun, and who has time to do all that self-tanner slathering or, even worse, wants to hit the sheets next to your significant other smelling like you’ve been embalmed? (Not that she knows, but it has to be close.) Michelle Waskey has the answer to Savvy’s pasty predicament. Give Michelle 20 minutes and she’ll airbrush you the most beautiful, believable bronze (no, you won’t look like one of those girls on “Dancing With the Stars”). Savvy tanned with Michelle all summer and there was never a streak, never a blotch— just gorgeous color that lasted for days. Ask for the three-hour formula that lets you control the color (wear it for an hour for a light sun-kiss, two or three for deeper shades) then quickly rinse off and go. No need to marinate overnight; it’s your little secret. The best part? You have a choice of hitting the salon (book her at Giuseppe’s Hair Studio, 410-665-4490) or Michelle can spray you at home, just like the celebrities do (410-808-4979). The choice to wear a rhinestone cha-cha dress later that night is entirely yours.

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