While Savvy has nothing against picking up a little cellophane-wrapped bunch of this or that as she breezes out of Eddie’s on Roland, she’s just thrilled that former Canton babe Amy Epstein has moved her flower shop, Crimson & Clover, right around the corner. Stop in to see what’s fresh and gorgeous in the cooler (love that Amy is using flowers from local organic growers and sustainably grown blooms). Also interesting? The unusual selection of houseplants. Savvy was particularly intrigued with the Tillandsias, an air plant that, much like most of Savvy’s friends, can seemingly survive without any food or water (though unlike most of Savvy’s friends, it does not need to be misted with vodka). Don’t miss: Fragrant bunches of dried lavender for your lingerie drawer and what Savvy thinks is just about the smartest thing ever, a vase recycling program (finally someone thinks of this!). Bring in your old glass containers, woven baskets— whatever monstrosity housed the hot mess your mother-in-law sent you from 1-800-Flowers on your last birthday— and Amy will see that it is properly recycled into something less unfortunate (and you get a free bouquet to boot!). 733 Deepdene Road, 410-534-5459

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