If you’re serious about clothes (and I don’t mean you have serious money to spend or seriously love to buy, buy, buy— I mean serious), walking into Couture Closet may bring you to fashion tears. Couture Closet is the brainchild of the darling Jessica Atkin. Back in the late ’90s, she was stuck at a desk job, cruising the couture chat rooms to pass the time, and noticed people dying to buy European designers unavailable in the States. Before long, she was taking orders and jetting to London on buying sprees. “In the beginning, it was incredibly seedy,” Jessica says. “I was exchanging bags of cash for bags of designer clothes in London’s back alleys.” Eventually, vendors started sending her things. The stylists and collectors came quickly after. Now, Jessica has brought her collection to Federal Hill— lucky us! What will you find? Designer clothing from the late ’90s to today, from commercial to the avant-garde, and everything discounted about 85 percent off retail. Everywhere you look, it’s the best of D&G, Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors, Stella McCartney, Valentino and Prada. Savvy’s personal moment of fashion nirvana came when she saw the Spring 2003 leather pirate pants from Alexander McQueen. Couture Closet is like walking into a room and seeing every boy you ever had a crush on. Except this time, the boy can come home with you. Don’t Miss: The classic pieces with vintage detailing from local designer (and former Remember When boutique owner) Carrie Mitchum. 1003 Light St., 714-878-8718

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