Sass and Class 4 questions for Angela Tandy, owner of Sassanova Boutique.


It’s no secret that Sassanova is one of STYLE’s favorite stores in Baltimore. The adorable offerings and friendly, stylish staff keep us coming back again and again for everything from gift guides to fashion shoots…including our May/June issue’s cover! We sent one writer to learn a little bit more about the adorable boutique and its owner, Angela Tandy.

What sparked your interest in clothes, inspiring you to open Sassanova?

Angela: I’ve always loved fashion. Prior to working in retail, I worked for a publicly traded technology company and ran marketing. The dress was business casual, so most of my coworkers wore denim and hoodies, which was not my style. I was always the one who was dressed up in the office as the “little fashionista.” I eventually left the technology field and started my family. The opportunity to open Sassanova presented itself, and it was kind of a no-brainer for me.

How would you describe your signature style?

A: My style is classic with a little flair. I like to buy pieces that I know that I can wear for longer than just a season. I do not usually buy into current trends because I like wearing pieces with a long shelf-life. My favorites are timeless pieces that are still stylish.

What is your favorite piece available right now?

A: My favorite piece is this blue wrap dress by Tanya Taylor. Tanya is a new designer in New York who uses her original, hand-painted art as textiles in her pieces, which is really special. Sadly, we sold through it so quickly, I wasn’t even able to get one for myself. Luckily, I hunted online, and found a little boutique in Richmond, Virginia that had it and bought it!

What are your dreams for the boutique?

A: I have two stores now, and my goal is to continue to grow Sassanova and add more stores.


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Photo courtesy of the Sassanova Instagram
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