Call her easily overwhelmed but Savvy is still adjusting to Wegmans. Clever hostesses will dash up for the fantastic selection of cheeses and olives, perfect for holiday cocktails. And Savvy, whose idea of heaven is a great gourmet-to-go counter, did find rather enjoy the penne and meatballs, chicken cordon bleu and prepared mixed vegetables. She was even impressed by the kindly British clerk who rushed across the parking lot to help her load her many bags, all the while offering product suggestions and refusing a tip. That said, she still found herself ready to kiss the doormat at Eddie’s on Roland. Easy parking? No one expecting you to weigh your own produce? The Bove marina sauce just steps away from the bag salads? Some days familiarity breeds contentment. … Nicole Kidman sightings have been few and far between, but leave it to that smart Aussie sweetie to book Dean Krapf of lluminaire (410-583-1500) for her color and Pasqua Kramer of Giuseppe’s (410-665-4490) for her manicures and pedicures while in town. Forget Us magazine— you always read about the best here first, kids.

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