Baltimore Uptown DogSavvy has never been quite sure how Baltimore can support more high-end pet boutiques selling pricey clothes than it can high-end people boutiques selling pricey clothes but … chalk up one more for canine couture. Uptown Dog caters particularly to big fans of small dogs. Indulge Fifi by outfitting her in a new handmade outfit from Emma Rose, picking up new travel bowls from Mud-Pie, spraying on Sexy Beast perfume then slipping her into a new purse carrier from Paris, in very fashionable silver leather with Eiffel Tower charms. If your pet purchases trend more to the practical, there are also quality leashes, collars and pet safety restraints for dogs of every size. And, yes, felines aren’t forgotten— there is a smattering of items for Fluffy.
Don’t miss: Owner Kimberly Jackson was out of the plaster-of-Paris kits for making permanent paw mementos. While meant for puppies, they also have been used to memorialize pooches who sadly don’t have much time left with their humans.

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