While stripper fitness classes have become all the rage, Savvy still isn’t quite sure she’s ready to unleash her inner Pussycat Doll. Can you shake your groceries in public and still be considered a feminist? Is the path to female sexual liberation best walked in clear plastic heels? Savvy’s head hurts just thinking about it. But not as badly as her arms ached after taking the Real Sexy fitness class at Studio Edge in Mount Washington. In addition to the Pure Barre classes (a combo of Lotte Berke, ballet and Pilates), Real Sexy mixes floor, chair and pole exercises at various strength, flexibility and modesty levels for a truly challenging workout. Manager Karen Green promises small classes and an (almost) always ladies-only environment. Definition of a lady? Honey, that’s up to you. 1425 Clarkview Road #500, 410-296-4955

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