Savvy’s latest Internet guilty pleasure (right after she reads Perez Hilton, of course)? At the stroke of noon, she checks out gilt.com, a members-only site for divine discounts on equally divine designer stuff. That said, while no one loves a deal more than Savvy, she recently had to go cold turkey when she realized the impact of her purchases. Forget the carbon footprint (though all those UPS shipments don’t help things), Sav was suddenly more concerned about what mouse-clicking was doing to her local financial footprint. Yes, when it comes to shopping, Baltimore isn’t New York, blah blah blah. But in this economy, we need to be opening our wallets in stores in our own communities, not cyberspace. Having written this column for six years (as well as having shopped far-flung locations for well more than that), Savvy can guarantee you that there is just as much fabulousness here in Charm City as there is in the most charming boutiques worldwide. So, please, remember that the Savviest purchases not only enrich your life but the lives of those who are an important part of the lifeblood of a wonderful town.

Shop locally. Spend locally. Give locally! Join Savvy at Shop Hop on Aug. 27, 2008, where she’ll be picking up the best of fall from local boutiques (like Form, Whimsey, Urban Chic, South Moon Under and 16 more), all for 20 percent off! Get tickets and details at http://www.baltimorestyle.com/shophop.

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