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Savvy has certainly seen her share of worthy new stores this year, but she was simply blown away by Ann Marie Doering and Rugged Roses. While half the store is devoted to Ann Marie’s grand arrangements (done with fresh, silk, paper or fabric flowers and only describable as quiet and stunning, simple and bold), the remainder of the store is curated (yes, that is the only word that fits) with a level of taste that is truly special. Savvy has shopped all over the world and it’s not a stretch to say that Rugged Roses is on par with classics like Takashimaya. Knowing that she can find a store this perfectly done in Baltimore makes Savvy almost weepy. Is it the Anichini linens, the MariBelle pin-up candy bars, the di Santa Maria Novella soaps, the pet bowls from Cokie Collection? All are wonderful, to be sure. But it’s more the spirit in which Ann Marie chooses her things: Each has grace and each has beauty. Just stepping into Rugged Roses, seeing the things, smelling and touching them, is transforming. And isn’t that what shopping is all about?  339 N. Charles St., 410-685-7673

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