Recently, wild grains have gained greater accept- ance on the food scene.  There are several reasons for this change, including the recognition of their nutritional value and the need for alternative grains for those with wheat allergies. So-called “super grains,” they’re touted as having magical qualities because of their nutritional value. (Did you know that quinoa contains the most protein of any grain and is an excellent source of calcium, iron, fiber and starch?) Luckily, this new-found interest in exotic grains has led to new, tastier recipes. 

I love lamb and barley soup, and my recipe is an easy way to make a restaurant-quality dish. Wild rice (I like the long, thin varietals from Canada) is actually a long-grain marsh grass traditionally harvested by native Indians. A great way to incorporate the rice is in a crepe and served with crispy skinned duck breast. 

Perhaps since ducks live in the same location as wild rice, their marriage in this recipe is a natural. The quinoa Johnny cakes are a fun way to introduce the “super grain” to kids and adults alike, and the bulgur wheat, bacon and spinach dish makes a great accompaniment to any entrée. Incorporating any of these nutritional grains in your diet is a win-win. Enjoy!

Wild Rice Crepes with Seared Duck Breast and Sour Cherry Sauce

Lamb Barley Soup with Parsley Sauce

Quinoa Johnny Cakes with Blueberry Syrup

Bulgur Wheat with Smoked Bacon and Spinach

Andrew Evans is the chef/owner of the Inn at Easton.

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