Sandwiches are a chef’s favorite meal, since we’re often short on time and are rarely able to stop to eat once the day gets going. The perfect sandwich is a regular topic of conversation among chefs during sessions of mindless kitchen chit-chat. I think the best are those that combine texture, flavor and seasoning to create something really special. Take my beer-battered rockfish mini sandwich, for example. The beer batter crunch against the soft potato roll, along with creamy tartar sauce, lettuce and tomato— it’s just plain delicious.

In my po’ boy, I substitute soft-shell crabs for oysters for a delicious Chesapeake Bay version of a Bayou favorite. In my version of the classic club, I combine textures and flavors by using hearty sourdough bread, sweet corn relish, crunchy coleslaw and smoky bacon. The last sandwich included here is a vegetarian option, using hollowed-out round bread and layering grilled vegetables, herbs and fresh mozzarella. It makes for a dramatic presentation— ideal for a picnic or garden party. Simply look in your pantry or local farmers’ market for fresh ideas. You never know when or where great sandwich inspiration will strike. 

Eastern Shore Grilled Chicken Club

Soft-Shell Crab Po’ Boy

Grilled Vegetable Bread Loaf with Fresh Mozzarella & Pesto

Beer-Battered Rockfish Mini Sandwiches

Andrew Evans is the chef/owner of the Inn at Easton.

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