Whether you call them tubers or spuds or taters, potatoes are among the most versatile vegetables you can cook. They can be fried, baked, boiled, roasted, broiled, sautéed and prepared in countless other ways. And then there’s the sheer number of varieties— about 5,000 different kinds worldwide.

For these recipes, I’ve selected four of my favorites. The russet potato, also known as an Idaho or baking potato, has a low-moisture, high-starch content, perfect for frying, mashing and baking. I use them in my recipe for fondant potatoes, a cold-weather favorite made with chicken stock and bay leaves. I use fingerling potatoes, thumb-sized tubers, for an updated version of mashed potatoes. Cauliflower, nicoise olives and anchovies— yes, anchovies— give this dish an unexpected twist. Red potatoes have a thin skin and waxy texture, which is why you should never mash them with butter and cream— the result would be akin to wallpaper paste. Luckily, red potatoes lend themselves perfectly to potato salad. My version is delicious with a classic combination of blue cheese and bacon.

Ironically, sweet potatoes are not in the potato family; I cheated and included them in these recipes. Try them fried as a perfect replacement for potato chips. Enjoy! 

Sweet Potato Chips  

Fondant Potatoes

Crushed Fingerling Potatoes with Roasted Cauliflower

Warm Red Bliss Potato Salad with Bacon and Blue Cheese

Andrew Evans is the chef/owner of the Inn at Easton.

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