PELICULA PARAISO A new film series at the Parkway celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month.

Still from “Club Sandwich,” the first film in the series.

September 15 marks the beginning of the Latin American Visionary Cinema Series, a month-long celebration of the work of filmmakers in Spanish-speaking countries south of the border. Opening with Mexican director Fernando Eimbcke’s “Club Sandwich,” the series seeks to explore and expose films that the casual moviegoer may never have encountered.

“There’s been such an explosion of production across the world,” says Jed Dietz, the Maryland Film Festival’s director. “The technology is getting so much better and more accessible. The energy is evident.”

It’s that energy, in fact, that in part inspired the series.

“There is a lot of vibrant filmmaking happening in these southern countries,” he says. “Twenty or thirty years ago, a ‘foreign film’ was something from France or Italy. The films represent this new energy, coming from a part of our planet some of us don’t know too much about.”

The 12-film series includes films from 10 countries, including Mexico, Uruguay, Chile and Brazil. Not sure where to start? Dietz recommends picking a country you’ve been to or have always wanted to visit, and going from there.

“I could make a case for each film,” he says, “but I know that people have schedule considerations. I’d really urge those who are interested in this part of the filmmaking world to go to our website to get more detail about the films in the series. Maybe you see three, like two and one not so much. Either way, you’ll come out with a sense of what these filmmakers are doing.”

To learn more and see the full schedule, click here.


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