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There’s a familiar, nostalgic quality to the scene: a dozen or so gentlemen in evening dress, sitting around a table laden with fine wines and superb food, chatting with apparent insight, wit and sophistication. It could almost be a tableau vivant from H.L. Mencken’s “Heathen Days” memoir, but it is, …

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When designer Stile Colwill took on the annual garden party for members and friends of Ladew Topiary Gardens, he had a lot going for him to begin with. “The Great Bowl is one of the most incredible spots in America to have a party,” he says of the centerpiece lawn, …

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French Country Picnic Susie Smithers knows that the success of a tailgate – besides good company, of course – lies in the presentation. “I try to make everything as aesthetically pleasing as possible,” says the manager of Dahne & Weinstein Gifts who, with husband Ned Dukehart and three of their …

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Nutcracker sweet The Harbolds’ row house was too small to host 6-year-old Caitlin’s ballet birthday party, so mom Jenny borrowed a church hall to execute her idea, as simple as it was engaging. “I think people are afraid to be too simple and old-fashioned with kids parties,” comments the Charles …

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