Oysters + Beer: Watch and See


A brown-speckled egg may be ruling the internet right now, but an eight-minute video about Maryland oysters and beer are what you need to whet your appetite today.

Created by local filmmakers Mark Burchick and Jena Richardson and chock full of shell shots of everybody’s favorite bivalve, this short film centers around the partnership between Waverly Brewing Company, The Local Oyster restaurant and True Chesapeake Oyster Company to create the ultimate Maryland brewski: Local Oyster Stout, a beer made in Baltimore with Maryland-sourced oysters.

“It’s fun explaining it to people who don’t know,” Roy Fisher, co-brewer at Waverly, says in the film, describing reactions to the beer.

The short also includes some interesting historical facts about the connection between suds and these shellfish. “Guinness and oysters are good for you” read one early 20th Century advertisement. (Hey, we couldn’t agree more.) But the best part is that actual nitty-shell-gritty of how this beer is made. Spoiler alert for those obsessed with a certain Maryland product: Old Bay is involved.

Everything old is new again with this beer. Check it out. Cheers!

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