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Let’s not kid ourselves—we all have a touch of hipster inside that wants to make something nostalgic cool again. Enter the USB Typewriter, which pairs antique typewriters with iPads, laptops, desktop PCs and smartphones, so you can unleash your inner Hemingway, Stein or Kerouac in the 21st century. The company was founded by professional hacker Jack Zylkin, after he rescued an old Royal typewriter on the side of the road. His company has retrieved almost 1,000 once-obsolete typewriters from garages and attics and transformed them into laptop keyboards and tablet dockets. If you’re fascinated by the idea but not inclined to actually purchase a typewriter, the online store also sells USB conversion kits for those looking to put their stowed-away antiques to creative use. Because who wouldn’t want to hear those old-fashioned taps and dings while writing the next great American novel? Conversion kits, $99. Typewriters, $700-$1,000. usbtypewriter.com

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