nuts for cronuts


Hold on to your love handles, Baltimoreans; it’s time to make the cronuts. Created by French patissier Dominique Ansel in NYC, the sumptuous croissant-doughnut hybrid has inspired around-the-block lines, exorbitant craigslist sales (up to $100 for a single cronut) and countless imitators.

Less than a month after the hysteria-inducing delicacy debuted, Charm City’s own Gertrude’s restaurant added “Croi-nuts” to the menu for a brief run. Despite pastry chef Doug Wetzel’s earnest attempt to make the dessert his own—after all, his Croi-nuts looked more like giant Munchkins (“Look, Ma! No holes!”)—he received an official cease-and-desist letter from Ansel’s attorney and decided it just wasn’t worth the dessert drama.

But you can still score your cronut fix in Federal Hill where two restaurants continue to throw caution to the trademark wind. Regi’s is going philosophical with its “WhyNots”—sliced cronuts filled with seasonal fruits and served atop a layer of vanilla custard ($5 each).

The Rowhouse Grille’s basic $5 Rownut is stuffed with vanilla cream and coated with salted caramel sauce. For $7.50, you can enjoy a cronut filled with lemon gelato or
another served s’mores style with chocolate sauce, graham crackers and marshmallows.

Have mercy.

—Jessica Bizik

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