Majer Plans Majer Metal Works expands into home goods.


Baltimore-based companies Majer Home Supply recently returned from the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF),  the largest home goods and interior design conference on the East Coast.

The conference is considered to be a door into the industry and was a big move for the company, according to co-owner Mario Brandhorst. Though he and partner Malcolm Majer have already experienced considerable success with parent company Majer Metal Works, the new offshoot had yet to really take off. According to Brandhorst, it’s been in the works since three years ago, when Majer Metal Works created custom metal work and furniture for Baltimore-based creative design company Drexler. Partner and designer Michael McNeive was so impressed with their work that he felt compelled to help them expand—and Majer Home Supply was born.

The company specializes in metal furniture and home goods. Though their only current offering is wall hooks, the owners are strategizing about what to add to the collection next.

Though they launched a few months ago, they planned for the ICFF to be their real launch. And while their trip was a success, says Brandhorst, the group hopes the best is yet to come.

Check out the Majer Home Supply site here.



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