Kimberly Tyson and Becky Lazarcheff

Kimberly Tyson and Becky Lazarcheff, co-owners of My Flower Box Events

What flowers are in?

Roses and peonies are always in. Brides want a lot of greenery and herbs mixed in, like sage. We’ve used lambs ear in table arrangements. Right now we love using ranunculus, just because they’re big and juicy. King protea as well. We use it quite a bit for centerpieces.

What about hot colors?

We always look at Oscar dresses to see what’s popular. Of course we see a lot of pastels like blush. Mint is another color that brides want to be incorporated.

Any other trends that you’re loving or not loving?

We’re loving the crystal pedestals. We’ve also picked up a lot of new rose gold—and we like mixing metals, like gold, silver or bronzes together. We’re not loving lanterns. And we’re over Mason jars, submerged flowers and D.I.Y.

Do you have any “just say no” flowers? 

Definitely lily of the valley. It’s small, fragile and expensive. Same with poppies. While they’re super cute, they’re fragile. And zinnias totally fall apart.

Do you do suspended flowers?

Yes! It’s absolutely beautiful. However, the flowers need a water source. It takes planning.

How are you using succulents these days?

They’re great for floral jewelry. So brides and their moms may have a necklace or a bracelet made of flowers. That’s a big trend. We’ve even made cuff links out of succulents and flowers!

How much of the wedding budget should be spent on flowers?

Between 15 to 20 percent. But here’s a sneaky tip: repurpose the flowers from the ceremony to the reception to get more bang for your buck.

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