>> As anyone who has donned a cardigan in the last five years knows, J. Crew has gone from being the home of, well, sensible khakis, to the epitome of cool— as perfect for brightly colored skinnies-wearing carpool moms as it is for their denim cutoff-donning daughters. Yes, J. Crew is now the height of fashion for those whose budgets and/or sensibilities may not reach the loftiest heights of fashion. But this sort of fashion snobbery seems un-American (how fitting that the brand has been hugely helped by the broad shoulders of its now-patron saint, first lady Michelle Obama). Without a doubt, J. Crew has mastered a nifty trick— brilliant, clean, thought-out designs that allow the fashion-challenged to pull off super-cute outfits for work and cocktails. Its tops, suiting and skirts work together with a peppy, Garanimals-ish efficiency that assures no one gets hurt (or has to think too much). And should you still be perplexed by that yellow blouse or those printed pants, J. Crew has now installed ‘Very Personal Stylists.’ In a country where nearly 50 percent of its citizens are on some sort of prescribed meds, we can now get our daily dose of fashion Xanax. And as any regular Savvy reader knows, nothing wrong with that…. Don’t miss: The accessories— great necklaces, adorable hair adornments and even cute iPhone cases. 120 International Drive, 410-637-8231

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