Homework Hassles, Bedtime Blues, Screen-time Struggles, Oh My!


Today’s parents are dealing with more stress than ever before. Parenting has become an overwhelming entity of uncertainty, and many parents I speak to admit to feelings of desperation and even hopelessness.

There are no shortage of resources on the subject of parenting. As a matter of fact, Googling the word brings about close to 3 million references in less than a second! Unfortunately, many of these resources contradict each other or give impractical strategies that are next to impossible to follow. Moreover, taking the dive into the world of parenting articles and books can oftentimes lead to feelings of insurmountable guilt and confusion. Reading about what you “should” be doing can easily make parents feel ashamed and incompetent. (Been there, done that!)

There is a better way that can lead to true transformation in your family without shame, guilt, or frustration. Hiring a certified parent coach to partner with you as you make small, but highly impactful, changes is one of the best ways to realize your dreams and goals for your family.

What is a Parent Coach?

A PCI Certified Parent Coach® has gone through extensive and rigorous training through participation in a one-year, graduate level program in collaboration with Seattle Pacific University. When you hire your coach, you will begin a series of weekly or bi-weekly conversations either in person, by phone or Skype. Your coach will help you clearly define your goals and dreams for your family. Each session will build on the ones before it, and each step of the way your coach will listen intently, ask thought-provoking questions and offer kind, non-judgmental support. Once you and your coach have established a clear vision of your preferred reality for your family, you will begin to create a plan consisting of a few action steps each week that are designed to get you closer to actualizing your dream.

Cindy Shuster of Partner in Parenting is a PCI Certified Coach® and a mother of three sons, ages 15 to 21. She was a teacher for nine years and has both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education. Your first session with Cindy is free! If you determine it is a good fit, you and Cindy will design a coaching plan to suit your particular circumstance. Most clients do well with 8 to10 sessions at a cost of $85 per session, but plans can be tailored to meet individual needs. Sessions are typically one hour in length and are conducted via phone or Skype, although in person meetings can be arranged.


We benefited greatly from Cindy Shuster’s parent coaching. As each session passed, we found ourselves in possession of more and more tools necessary to smooth out the interactions with our highly spirited children. At the end of our coaching sessions we noticed a dramatic improvement in the household dynamic. Days are much less stressful, and we now have the parental mindset to maintain our progress and take on new difficult challenges that raising our children might bring.” Jarrod W., Baltimore

As a single mom of two demanding boys, I was just about at my wit’s end trying to figure out how to manage the kids and the house while putting in long hours at the office.  I was skeptical at first that anyone could do anything that would calm the mayhem in my home from the outside.  But Cindy’s coaching helped me manage my expectations, focus on one thing at a time, and really make some changes in our family life.  Cindy gets to know you on a personal level and puts in a lot of extra work researching and reading in order to have a well-rounded approach and give solid advice.  She has been and will continue to be one of the first people I call whenever I am in need of some extra help or even a solid bit of venting!” Erin G., Westminster

I have found my time spent with Cindy Shuster to be transformative. Talking with her has changed the way I think, prepare and act in my parenting now. Her ability to listen and her insights in parenting and self-care have transformed this journey of life with my kids from one of frustration and hopelessness to one of empowerment and growth.” Rachel P., Baltimore

We now have a ‘no screens in the morning’ rule. We take all our devices to our room at night. Now my kids sleep longer and get out the door in a reasonable manner. You gave me the confidence to realize it doesn’t have to be seen as a punishment, just something I’m comfortable with as a parent.” Erica W., Baltimore

Call or email Cindy today to set up your free, no obligation, initial consultation!

Because parenting is hard, don’t go it alone!”
Cindy Shuster, PCI Certified Coach®
[email protected]

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