Fashion Friday: Invisible Crowne Blogger Holly Batton Murphy exudes everyday royalty.


Holly Batton Murphy, creator of the fun and on-trend fashion blog Invisible Crowne, began sharing her posts in 2013. Though primarily a fashion blogger, Murphy offers her readers a little bit of everything: tips on styling a floor-length kimono, a step-by-step guide to sustainable skincare, or even the tale of how she became a cat person.

“Creating content, when it boils down to it, is what I’m really passionate about,” she says.

After graduating from Arizona State University, Murphy and her now-husband traveled to L.A. There, she participated in a one-year program about merchandise product development at the Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising. A few years later, the couple returned to Holly’s hometown of Baltimore to be close to their family. After an unsuccessful clothing line start-up, Holly began her blog.

“I needed an outlet. I needed to stay creative and do something in fashion, while I rebuilt and figured out what my next step was going to be” said Holly. “It was born out of need to be creative and create content and just to have something of my own that made me happy.”

Holly Says:

Biggest struggle? “People just don’t want to see an outfit post, so I try to talk about topics that are personal to me so people can relate.”

Best app?  “Instagram is the best tool to really get my blog out there. I can highlight one of my blog posts with a photo or two, to share what I am posting that day.”

Thinking of starting a blog?  “Don’t let anyone stop you. Some people don’t fully understand what I’m doing, but that’s OK. No one has to fully understand, as long as you know where you’re going and you are passionate about it.”

Future plans? “My ultimate goal is to design my own women’s contemporary line.”

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