Eat Your Peas!


I don’t have children, but I have heard rumors that many of them don’t actually like to eat green vegetables. Cooked spinach: I get it. Lima beans? Maybe. But surely this can’t include fresh peas? I cannot remember a time when I didn’t love those little bite-sized bits of sweet green candy, particularly when slathered in butter and salt. My mom was no great cook, but when it came to fresh peas, she really didn’t need to be. 

I have admittedly fiddled with their natural goodness a bit in the following recipes, but their essential “pea nature” still shines through.  And while these dishes work best with fresh peas, frozen will certainly do in a pinch. 

The pea, radish and mint salad is the ultimate cooling warm weather dish: Serve as a side with a protein or alone with some crusty bread for a light summer supper.

The pea, yogurt and tarragon soup tastes creamy and filling, yet thanks to the use of Greek yogurt rather than cream, it’s waistline-friendly. The pea and arugula pesto is pure simplicity to throw together, while the addition of toasted almonds and lemon zest imparts a pleasing depth and brightness. It’s great smeared on a baguette, served with a grilled chicken breast or, my favorite way, tossed with some orecchiette or penne rigate for a quick weeknight meal.

Finally, the scallion and pea pancakes, inspired by Korean scallion pancakes, include a pinch of Korean hot pepper for kick, and are accompanied with a tamari sesame dipping sauce. Try these for a weekend brunch or serve with rice and kimchi for a fun and easy dinner.

Pea, Yogurt & Tarragon Soup

Pea, Radish & Mint Salad with Tarragon Aioli”

Scallion & Pea Pancakes with Tamari Sesame Dipping Sauce

Arugula & Pea Pesto

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