Drum Roll, Please


Pop Physique
Don’t worry. Be happy—drumming with Beatwell’s Jordan Goodman.


Ever since he was a little (drummer) boy, Jordan Goodman knew that drumming made him feel fantastic. But it wasn’t until grad school that the professional drummer with a master’s degree in clinical psychology discovered the science behind his natural high. “Group drumming alters biology at the genetic and cellular levels,” says the certified health rhythms facilitator. Translation: drumming decreases stress and improves functioning of the immune system.

Goodman has seen this firsthand in his work with populations as diverse as emotionally disturbed kids, schizophrenic adults, college students, seniors and preschoolers. He has seen drumming work better than talk therapy and even medication to calm angry teens—and create unity among disgruntled professionals in the workplace.

Tell that to your accounting department!

What’s more, Goodman says, “Effects are immediate and it’s a cost-effective, non-invasive alternative to conventional interventions.”

That’s why he created Beatwell, a therapeutic and educational drumming practice in Owings Mills. To get into the act, schedule an individual or group session with Goodman at his private home
studio, where he also trains others to facilitate drum circles and will soon be licensed to provide psychotherapy. Or invite him to your next company retreat or your own home. Oh, you can just take regular-old drum lessons, too. Prices starting at $50 per hour. 443-803-2588


If you’re looking to sweat (to the oldies or otherwise), try Cardio-Fit Drumming at Universal Fitness in Overlea. Classes combine “drumming” on a fitness ball with aerobic and muscle-building movements like squats, jumps and dance steps. “You know when you see a band? It’s always the drummer who sweats the most,” says Patrick Leonard. Cost: $5 per class.

6809 Belair Road, 410-668-6060

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